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If a surgical sperm retrieval is being performed alongside an IVF treatment cycle, then the sperm that’s successfully collected are going to be wont to attempt to fertilise any eggs that are also collected on the day. If the surgical samples have enough viable sperm available for freezing to occur, this sample can potentially be thawed and utilized in a subsequent IVF treatment cycle without having to repeat the procedure of sperm retrieval.

Azoospermia is that the complete absence of sperm within the ejaculate. It may result from obstruction of the genital ducts (like within the case of vasectomy) or from poor/absent production of sperm within the testicles. Even in cases where no sperm are found within the ejaculate, sperm could also be retrieved from the testicle using minimally invasive techniques. Once sperm is retrieved, pregnancy is feasible with the utilization of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The type of procedure used to retrieve sperm will depend upon the reason for azoospermia. Importantly, not all men will have sperm found within the testes, no matter the surgical technique used.

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