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Birth Help Fertility Centre is the No. 1 Fertility Hospital in Guntur which is providing the  fertility treatments with the best state of art of technology and world class equipment.

About No.1 Fertility Hospital in Guntur

Birth Help Fertility Center, is the affordable Fertility Hospital in Guntur with our team of renowned Top Fertility Doctors in Guntur and specialists dedicated to helping couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. We understand this can be an emotionally trying journey and strive to support you with compassionate, personalized care. As the No.1 fertility Hospital in Guntur, we are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and have delivered over 800 healthy babies.

At Birth help our goal is to be partners in your care, from the last 7 years, Birth help is the new leader in the treatment of infertility and we strive to make each patient comfortable from the moment they walk through our doors.

Birth Help Fertility Center-No.1 Fertility Hospital in Guntur

Founder’s Message

“As a leading fertility specialist, I have established the Birth Help Center to provide couples struggling with infertility the best chance of having a baby. Motivated by my own experiences, I assembled a team of the Fertility Doctors in Guntur to help you build your family. We are your partners in the journey of parenthood said by the top infertility doctors in Guntur” – Sri Harsha

Pre implantation Genetic Testing

Pre implantation Genetic Testing is an innovative procedure commonly used in IVF treatments. Before the embryo is implanted, PGT screens it for genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities. This allows doctors to select healthy embryos for transfer, boosting the chances of a successful pregnancy and reducing the risk of preventable genetic diseases. PGT is a groundbreaking tool that helps create healthier generations and is crucial in supporting many couples on their path to responsible parenthood. It demonstrates how advancements in technology and medicine converge to facilitate the creation of life.

Why choose Birth Help?

  • Guntur’s leading fertility Centre.
  • Class 10000 state of art IVF laboratory.
  • Latest and advanced technology and facilities.
  • Acclaimed team of doctors, embryologists & counselors.
  • Highest success rates.
  • All under one roof – All Infertility treatments ranging from IUI to advanced PGT.
  • Patient friendly treatment Protocols.

Accessible Treatment

  • We are proud to be the first centre in Guntur to introduce pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) technology for couples with advanced age, Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) and genetic disorders.
  • Acclaimed team of doctors, embryologists & counselors.

Advanced Fertility Treatments  

Stepping Stones to Parenthood

At Birth help – Our vision is to provide world class comprehensive fertility care with individualized and patient friendly protocells at an affordable cost.

Our vision for success



Our Administration And Support Staff All Have Exceptional People Skills And are Trained To Assist You With All Medical Inquiries.

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