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Endoscopy (Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy) - Birth Help Guntur

Laparoscopy could be a procedure that enables the doctor to seem directly at the uterus (Female internal reproductive organ), fallopian tubes, ovaries, appendix, and different organs through keyhole surgery.

Operative laparotomy permits the doctor to correct defects and take away tumors & cysts within the female internal reproductive organ, fallopian tubes associate degreed ovaries while not the patient undergoing open surgery. This technique is understood as the least invasive surgery and involves minimal discomfort to the patient.

This technique is useful within the presence of adhesions, adenomyosis, girdle infectious disease, fibroids, gonad tumors, and cysts, and in viscus conditions like redness.

Hysteroscopy could be a procedure, that permits the doctor to check the cavum from among. Operative endoscopy permits the doctor to correct defects among the cavum.

This technique is incredibly useful to treat intrauterine septum, adhesions, and intracavity fibroids.

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