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At Birth Help Center Guntur, hailed as the Best Fertility Centre in Guntur, we utilize the cutting-edge Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) technique.

By employing a powerful 6000x magnification system, we meticulously select the healthiest sperm for injection, significantly improving the prospects of fertilization for severe male infertility cases.

What is IMSI?

IMSI or Intracytoplasmic Morphological Sperm Injection is an improvement over standard ICSI procedures. While ICSI uses 200-400x magnification to identify the best quality sperm, IMSI further magnifies it by up to 6000x times.

This helps identify even minute sperm abnormalities and select sperm with the best morphological features.  Using this ultra-high magnification sperm selection technique improves embryo quality, implantation and overall IVF success rates.

Procedure Details:

1. Who performs intracytoplasmic sperm injection?

Highly skilled and specialized embryologists who are experts in assisted reproductive techniques like embryo culture, micromanipulation and sperm processing perform the IMSI procedure.

2. What happens before ICSI?

Before starting IMSI/ICSI, an infertility diagnosis is performed to determine if there are any male or female factor issues. Pretreatment includes stimulation of ovaries with fertility medication for optimal egg production. The semen sample is processed for sperm isolation, identification and immobilization.

3. What happens during intracytoplasmic sperm injection?

Using an inverted microscope equipped with DIC Nomarski 6000x magnification and micromanipulators, our embryologist selects the most ideal morphology sperm with the highest fertilization potential. This sperm is then injected directly into the center of the egg using a thin glass needle.

4. What happens after ICSI?

After the IMSI procedure, the fertilized embryos develop for 5-6 days before single/double embryo transfer into the uterus for implantation. Additional viable embryos may be cryopreserved. Pregnancy is later confirmed through a blood test.

Key Benefits of Male Fertility Centre In Guntur

  1. 60-70% IMSI Success Rates: Significantly higher than average IMSI/ICSI rates
  2. Advanced Technology like PICSI, Embryoscope, Laser AH
  3. Male Fertility Centre in Guntur boasts high success rates in severe male infertility
  4. 24/7 availability of skilled female IVF
  5. Compassionate Care By Leading IMSI Specialists

IMSI Process at Best Fertility Centre in Guntur

The key steps in the IMSI process at our best fertility center in Guntur include sperm diagnostics, ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, 6000x ultra-magnification IMSI, embryo culture and transfer, followed by pregnancy testing and confirmation.

Let’s delve into this process deeply:

  1. Diagnostic Evaluation: We perform a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of each member of the couple – including semen analysis, ovarian reserve tests, hormone profile analysis and any genetic testing if required. This helps determine the specific causes of
  2. Ovarian Stimulation: The woman’s ovaries are stimulated using injectable gonadotropins like FSH, hMG and GnRH analogues to maximize the number of eggs produced per Follicular monitoring helps customize dosage.
  3. Trigger Injection: When the follicles reach an optimal size, a “trigger shot” of hCG matures the eggs, preparing them for
  4. Egg Retrieval: Eggs are aspirated transvaginally under ultrasound guidance using a thin An anesthetic minimizes discomfort during this short procedure.
  5. Sperm Processing: The male partner then provides a fresh semen sample or frozen sperm sample to isolate motile, viable Special buffers wash and concentrate the sperm.
  6. IMSI Sperm Selection: This is the key step where the embryologist selects one healthy sperm to inject into each egg. Using 6000x magnification, even the finest morphological abnormalities can be
  7. Fertilization with IMSI: With greater precision than ICSI, the embryologist then injects the selected sperm directly into the center of the egg to achieve fertilization and embryo
  8. Embryo Transfer: On days 5-6, one or two healthy blastocyst embryos are transferred into the uterus for implantation via a thin catheter passed through the
  9. Confirmation: Pregnancy is confirmed later via hCG hormone blood tests and ultrasound scans to visualize fetal development and

Our dedicated patient coordinators guide and support you through every step! Please reach out to schedule an appointment.

With a solid foundation of 7 years of experience, Birth Help Fertility Centre confidently elevates your chances of parenthood using state-of-the-art IVF techniques and technology.

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