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Fertility preservation is that the effort to assist cancer patients retain their fertility, or ability to procreate. Research into how cancer affects reproductive health and preservation options are growing, sparked in part by the increase in the survival rate of cancer patients.

For many cancer patients, the decrease or loss of reproductive function is temporary; many men and ladies , however, don’t regain fertility after cancer treatment. Patients undergoing serious radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery sometimes experience symptoms resembling menopause (in women) or andropause (in men), which indicate reproductive damage. In women, decreased estrogen levels as a results of ovarian deficiency cause weakened bone, changes in temperature control, altered mood, and decreased concupiscence . Men with testicular insufficiency also experience similar symptoms.

Embryo freezing is that the best studied and most generally used sort of fertility preservation. Embryos are obtained through a complicated fertility treatment called in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF has resulted in many live births in women and men with infertility.

Egg freezing is a newer technology, but it is no longer considered experimental and may be an ideal option for young women, women without a partner, or patients who have personal concerns about embryo freezing.

Ovarian tissue freezing is an option for women who can not wait 2-6 weeks to begin their cancer treatments or for women who cannot undergo hormonal stimulation. Ovarian tissue is surgically removed through a minimally invasive procedure and frozen until chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy is completed.

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