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Introduction to Donor Services 

Our donor services at the Birth Help Center are designed to assist couples who are experiencing difficulties conceiving naturally. Many people have a strong desire to become parents, but some medical issues might make it difficult or impossible, such as early menopause, poor or no sperm production, or recurrent IVF failure. We are aware of these difficulties and are prepared to assist.

This is why we offer comprehensive donor IVF services to help make parenthood dreams a reality. Our donor IVF program has helped over 500 couples successfully conceive through the use of donor eggs, sperm or embryos.

With personalized treatment plans, high-tech IVF labs, and a committed team of fertility specialists, our donor IVF success rates are among the highest in the region at 65% for women under 35.

Why Choose Our Donor Services for IVF?

Birth Help Center offers the most comprehensive donor IVF services in the region. With customized treatment protocols, in-house screening, and end-to-end legal protections, we provide intended parents the highest chances for pregnancy success.

Our donor coordination team handpicks donors from our egg donor database of over 500 candidates to find your ideal match. We achieve high implantation and clinical pregnancy rates through protocols incorporating careful synchronization of the donor and intended mother’s cycles before retrieval and transfer.

Throughout the process, our embryology lab utilizes the latest equipment and techniques for fertilization, genetics testing, embryo biopsy and vitrification. Even after a positive pregnancy test, our specialists continue monitoring mothers until the baby is born.

Key Statistics of Donor Services

  1. 65% live birth rate per embryo transfer cycle with donor eggs
  2. Less than 1% anomaly rate for donor egg conceived babies
  3. Over 800 donor egg cycles successfully completed
  4. 72% implantation rate and 57% clinical pregnancy rate with donor embryos
  5. 500+ fully-screened egg donors currently active in our database

Egg Donation

Egg donation involves using eggs from a healthy donor to help intended parents struggling with infertility conceive. At the Birth Help Center, we have a rigorous screening process for egg donors aged 21-29 to ensure they are physically fit, emotionally stable, and ready to donate eggs.

Why Use An Egg Donor?

There are several reasons why individuals or couples may need an egg donor, including:

  1. Premature ovarian failure or early menopause
  2. Repeated IVF failure due to poor egg quality
  3. Genetic disorders that can be passed through the mother’s eggs
  4. Same sex couples looking to conceive
  5. Our fertility doctors will help determine if you need an egg donor after thoroughly evaluating your reproductive health.

Who Needs Egg Donation?

The following patients can benefit from our donor egg IVF services:

  1. Women with premature ovarian failure or early menopause
  2. Those with poor egg quality leading to repeated failed IVF cycles
  3. Women above 40 years of age using their own eggs
  4. Cancer survivors whose treatment compromised egg quality
  5. Couples facing long standing unexplained infertility
  6. Same-sex couples looking to conceive
  7. Single men and women wishing to parent a child
  8. Any genetic or anatomical conditions impacting normal fertilization can be overcome with our customized donor solutions.

Egg Donation Requirements

To qualify as an egg donor with us, candidates must:

  1. Be between 21-29 years old
  2. Have a healthy BMI between 19-29
  3. Have regular menstrual cycles
  4. Pass infectious disease testing
  5. Have no personal or family history of genetic disorders

What Happens at the Clinic?

The egg donation process involves careful synchronization between the donor and intended mother’s menstrual cycles before the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures. At every step, our coordinators provide guidance on medication, appointments, legal consents and more.

Legal Aspects of Donor IVF

We take utmost care to ensure our donor IVF process adheres to all legal requirements around:

  1. Review of consents and contracts by legal experts
  2. Documenting informed consent from recipients and donors
  3. Witnessing of all consent sign-offs
  4. Option provided for open/closed/semi-open donations
  5. Record-keeping as per statutory norms
  6. Guidance on establishing legal parenthood
  7. This protects the rights of the donor, intended parents, and unborn child as per Indian Council for Medical Research guidelines.

Process of Egg Donor IVF

The detailed process from start to finish involves:

  1. Finding an ideal donor match based on recipient preferences
  2. Synchronizing cycles of donor recipient through hormone medications
  3. Monitoring progress with ultrasounds and bloodwork
  4. Trigger shot administration before retrieval
  5. Egg retrieval under anesthesia
  6. Sperm collection from partner/donor if needed
  7. Fertilization of eggs and sperm together in the IVF lab
  8. Embryo culture under optimized conditions up to 5-6 days
  9. Tropic-quality blastocyst grading before transfer
  10. Transfer of 1-2 embryos into the uterine cavity
  11. Blood pregnancy testing after 14 days
  12. Early ultrasounds to confirm heartbeat
  13. Follow-up care until the baby’s birth

Pregnancy With Donor IVF

For those conceiving with donor eggs, embracing this new path to parenthood can be emotionally complex. Our counselors help intended parents to process feelings of grief, loss or anxiety while providing support through frequent touches. With time, the journey leads to the joy of finally holding your healthy donor egg baby.

If donor services could help you finally conceive, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our experts are ready to get you started on your way to parenthood.

With a solid foundation of 7 years of experience, Birth Help Fertility Centre confidently elevates your chances of parenthood using state-of-the-art IVF techniques and technology.

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