Donor Services

Donor Services

Egg Donor Services - Birth Help Hospital Guntur

Some couples have a severe egg and sperm factor. If they need been unsuccessful with self-gametes or wish to choose a donor egg and donor sperm for medical reasons, this will be offered to the couple and is rightly called embryo adoption or more commonly embryo donation (the latter term is really a misnomer).

In this procedure, a healthy anonymous donor’s eggs are fertilised with anonymous donor sperm from a depository and one or two of resultant embryos are placed within the intending mother’s womb at an opportune time. This results in a high pregnancy rate. However, it’s essential for the couple to know , grasp and accept the very fact that resultant offspring won’t be their genetic child but are going to be their biological child. it’s a pre-requisite that the couples undergo thorough counselling and are mentally ready for this type of treatment.


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