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Understanding In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

In Vitro Maturation is the process of removing immature oocytes from ovarian follicles and allowing them to develop in culture conditions in a laboratory setting is known as in vitro maturation, or IVM. It avoids the ovarian stimulation procedure that is a part of conventional IVF procedures.

Upon reaching maturity, the eggs may undergo in vitro fertilization (ICSI) and be placed into the uterus as embryos. Discover the advantages of IVM at the Best Fertility Center in Guntur.

Role of Medications in IVM Cycles

Women opting for IVM usually do not require intense injectable gonadotropin medications for ovarian stimulation. A short course of FSH/hMG medication may be used to facilitate follicle growth and egg retrieval in some cases if needed. This avoids heavy hormone fluctuations and reduces cost.

Stimulating Ovaries for IVM Retrieval

Minimal stimulation helps synchronize the timing of egg retrieval according to the maturation stage. This allows efficient egg collection minimizing loss. As follicles often grow at different paces naturally, this synchronization for maturity before pick-up makes IVM success more consistent.

Reasons to Use IVM by the Best Fertility Center in Guntur

  1. Avoid Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome Risk: IVM fertility treatment involves no or very low doses of injectable gonadotropins, eliminating risks of severe OHSS compared to traditional IVF stimulation
  2. Preserve Fertility in Cancer Patients: Young women diagnosed with cancer can freeze their immature eggs for future conception safely through IVM since it avoids high This fertility preservation technique gives them significantly improved chances of having biological children post-cancer treatment.
  3. PCOS/PCO Patients Respond Well: For PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome patients, IVM provides some major advantages including a lack of response issues in ovulation induction and a lower cancellation rate due to overstimulating risk. So outcomes are usually higher compared to other patients undergoing
  4. Cost-Effectiveness due to Minimal Medications: As an ovarian stimulation regimen with gonadotropins is not required or minimal if used at all, the overall medication costs come down significantly making IVM more
  5. Option for Poor Responders: Women demonstrating poor response to hormones like letrozole/clomiphene/gonadotropins can try IVM as an alternative to reduce cycle cancellation chances. The eggs are picked at smaller sizes from resting follicles before
  6. Fertility Preservation for Social Reasons: Young women who want or need to delay childbearing for career or life situations can consider prophylactic egg freezing through IVM for future conception

IVM for Fertility Preservation

Young women diagnosed with cancer who need to undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery can freeze their eggs through IVM for future conception. Since there are fewer hormones involved, the treatment is safer for those currently battling cancer.

Key Advantages of IVM

  1. Circumvents Need for Strong Hormone Stimulation: The most significant benefit of IVM is eliminating or reducing the intensity and duration of injectable gonadotropin usage, thereby avoiding associated side effects and potential
  2. Convenience of Scheduling Egg Retrieval: With only gentle/no stimulation for IVM, egg pickups can be scheduled easily when eggs reach optimal This offers better convenience rather than having to monitor follicle sizes daily and administer accurate trigger shot timing.
  3. Wider Pool of Eggs with Follicular Asynchrony: Since follicles grow at varied paces naturally in an IVM cycle, we can obtain more eggs from multiple follicles than generally possible in a synchronized single cohort in stimulated IVF
  4. Low Risk of Hyperstimulation Syndrome: As IVM requires little or no ovarian hyperstimulation, the risk of developing severe OHSS seen in traditional IVF stimulations is negligible with close monitoring of follicle
  5. Demonstrated Good Success Rates: Excellent IVM outcomes and pregnancy rates have now been reported in select cases like PCOS, comparable to conventional IVF. Technology enhancements continue to improve implantation
  6. Potential Cost Savings Due to Minimal Medication: As an ovarian stimulation regimen with gonadotropins is not required or minimal if used at all, the overall medication costs come down significantly making IVM more

Availability of IVM Technology

Initially introduced in the 1990s, IVM struggled with poor success rates for some years hindering its adoption. Now with better lab protocols, optimized culture mediums and vitrification freezing outcomes have improved. Success rates are now comparable to conventional IVF for indications like PCOS. IVM is offered at select advanced IVF centers like Birth Help.

Is IVM suitable for you?

IVM is still a relatively new technology but holds promise for multiple applications. It can benefit women with PCOS, cancer patients, poor responders to hormones or those wanting to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation risks. Our fertility experts can guide you on the best treatment plan during initial consultations.

Why Choose Birth Help Center for IVM?

When choosing an IVM clinic, it is important to select an established center with extensive experience. At Birth Help Center Guntur, our IVF specialists have completed over 100 IVM cycles with excellent success rates. We customize protocols, use advanced equipment like Embryoscope time-lapse imaging, and have onsite freezing for reliable outcomes.

To learn more about exploring IVM treatment, call us today to schedule your first fertility consultation at the Best Fertility Centre in Guntur!

With a solid foundation of 7 years of experience, Birth Help Fertility Centre confidently elevates your chances of parenthood using state-of-the-art IVF techniques and technology.

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